Donations and Volunteering


The Pennsylvania Room had its beginnings in the collection of McClelland Leonard, the first board chairman of the Uniontown Public Library. His act of generosity has been multiplied over the years by patrons who donated time, money, or artifacts to the room.

Monetary Donations and Memorials

Monetary donations will be put toward the addition and replacement of books, shelving and display equipment, and archival supplies. The importance of these donations cannot be understated: With your help, we can preserve the history of Fayette County for generations to come.

As with the library’s general collection, we can also make specific purchases for the Pennsylvania Room in memory of (or in honor of) the individual of your choice.

Checks should be made payable to the Uniontown Public Library. You can make your donation in person or mail it to the following address:

Uniontown Public Library
24 Jefferson Street
Uniontown, PA 15401

Donating Artifacts (and Our “Wishlist”)

Given the limited space available in the Pennsylvania Room, we must keep a few considerations in mind when making additions to the collection:

1.) Is the item Fayette County related? We very rarely accept materials that are not locally relevant.

2.) Is it rare, unique, or unlikely to be held by other institutions? If an item is held by a variety of other institutions or has been digitized (ex. a collection of Western Pennsylvania Audobon Society bulletins), we are unlikely to accept it.

3.) Does it fit with the direction of the collection? While we certainly accept small artifacts and books relating to coal mining, the Coal & Coke Heritage Center might be a better fit for your donation. Likewise, larger artifacts (ex. an antique grandfather clock) might be of interest to the Fayette County Historical Society.

Here are some of the items currently on our “wishlist”:

  • Business Records and Ledgers
  • Church Anniversary Booklets & Directories
  • Church Histories & Records
  • City and County Histories
  • City Directories
  • Family Genealogies
  • Family Bibles
  • Fayette County Memorabilia (ex. major event schedules, blueprints of iconic buildings)
  • High School Yearbooks
  • Letters & Correspondence
  • Maps
  • Paintings & Portraits
  • Photographs, Slides, & Negatives
  • Postcards
  • Rare Books & Early Editions (pre-1850s)

To discuss your donation, please stop by the Uniontown Public Library or call us at (724) 437-1165.


There are numerous opportunities for volunteer service in the Pennsylvania Room and elsewhere in the library. Please call or stop by to discuss how you might help.